Paralysis ticks are a major problem in the Wollongong region as well as most parts of the East Coast of Australia.

They cause severe cardiac, respiratory and muscle weakness, eventually killing their prey after only 4-5 days of attachment.

Ticks are present all year round but cause the most problems in this area between September through to February.

Symptoms of Tick Paralysis:

  • Weak or wobbly in the legs, especially back legs
  • Exaggerated swallowing and clearing of the throat
  • Vomiting
  • Change in vocal sounds
  • Heavy, forced breathing and/or groaning

Symptoms can vary from patient to patient, so it is recommended that if ANY of these are present, the veterinarian is contacted as soon as possible. The chances of saving your pet are far higher the earlier they are treated.

Treatment of Tick Paralysis

We consider possible tick cases as emergencies. The only way to ensure your pet has the best chance of survival is to seek early veterinary treatment as soon as you notice your pet showing symptoms.

Your vet will then decide whether to administer anti-serum, and your pet will most likely need to be hospitalised for a few days.

NOTE: The anti serum is not a preventative against ticks nor does it give any immunity to future tick bites.

Tick Prevention

Please ask our staff about which tick product is best for your individual situation. No products give 100% protection against ticks, so daily searching is recommended during tick season.